1. Strengthen competitiveness of current brands

Improve quality and service. Review and modify menus, pricing, and design based on target markets, locations, and consumer needs. Bolster store and franchise development; increase the number of outlets.

2. Diversify our brand portfolio

Develop new lunch brands in addition to existing dinner brands (izakaya pub, BBQ, etc.) to answer consumer needs reflecting diversifying lifestyles. Explore M&A opportunities. Form alliances with other brands, providing our knowledge and experience in franchise business operations and brand development.

3. Explore overseas markets

Take advantage of growth in Asia and other emerging markets where demand for outside dining will rise as the middle class in these markets grows. Capitalize on the strong demand for Japanese food in Europe and the United States to explore markets and develop our brands.

4. Build a food value chain by expanding into dairy processing

Use the manufacturing and processing functions of dairy processor Konyusha (acquired in 2013) to develop and sell high quality products under our own brands. Develop external sales channels (other restaurants, retail) in addition to our restaurant outlets.